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starofthemr made me this icon. I officially love it very much. Thanks, Pookie.

New lens Rx. No line. W00t for me.

Downtown Bethesda today. Then, English project. Oh, Schaefer, why do you torture us so?
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And now for a brief indie moment

Emily's lending me a Galactic Heroes CD. Jesse says they're "the indiest band ever." So obviously I'm t3h excited.

Placebo vocalist's voice annoying, though has awesome sexuality. Though most bi celebrities are just trying to be cool that way...grrr.

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Performance. It was great. Everyone did really well, we were all wonderful and all. I look catapulted straight out of a 40s movie. My mom made me be a camerawhore so there WILL be pictures for those of you who want to see them (AND WILL NOT TORTURE ME ABOUT THEM COUGH COUGH CHLOE).

And our all-county CD came. It's actually...pretty mediocre. Eh.


Okay, my letter came.

Intermediate Production.


So happy.

Happyhappyhappy. Interlochen. Yay. Six weeks. Production. Wow. Yay.
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My hair. It is le gone. Two inches below my shoulders now, maybe?

And it was all 40s movie star-curly, but that came out. It looked awesome that way though.

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The National Weather Service has issued a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for
Montgomery County from 7AM till 7PM EST Tomorrow. Snow, sleet, or a
combination of precipitation types is expected to impact the area. 1 to
2 inches of accumulating snow and sleet is possible throughout the day.
Travel may become hazardous during the morning commute and motorist
should allow extra time to reach their destination.

Squee, maybe no school! Time to catch up on lost sleep from All-state.
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All-state this weekend.


Ten hours of rehearsal yesterday. More, probably. All of it great. Nothing affirmatively bad. Well, one thing our [amazing amazing eccentric] director composed, which was all emo and which I mocked mercilessly. Which I felt bad about when I found out an eighth-grader wrote the lyrics.

The schedule was basically, sign in, dinner, rehearsal, dessert, go to bed, wake up, breakfast, rehearsal, lunch, rehearsal, dinner, rehearsal, dessert, "planned activity" (do whatever you want. We swam; more on that later), go to bed, wake up, rehearsal, go to the school, rehearsal, performance, leave in state of ultimate musical orgasm.

I've decided I have to be a vocalist, because it was so fantastic just being there and singing all the time and being with friends when you weren't singing. I wanted it to go on for another week.

Well, more on the swimming. My soprano friend and I decided to go ogle the basses, and so we got bathing suits and into the pool. Basically (she's A; we both had our glasses off and were half-blind):

A: oooh, blond at 1:00...
S: Not bad. Who was the one you were talking about?
A: Hmmm....THAT ONE!
S: Who? Can't see!
A: Um...Dana's left!
S: Dana's right next to you!
A: Yeah, her left!
S: Wha...ooooh.
A: I know, right?
S: Oooh.
A: Who are the Whitman basses?
S: Hm, golf course, tall light brown hair green shirt and shorter kid next to him with the Jewfro.
A: Eh, can't see 'em from here.
Random bass: POLO! *splashes*
S: *splashes*
B: Don't mess with me, miss! *splash*
*inane splashfest*
D: Dude, the Whitman basses are in the pool.
S: *to Whitman basses* Hi. *to A* That's them.
A: Hmmm, Jewfro not so bad.
S: Oh? And the other one?
A: *slow dogpaddle around for panoramic view**swims back**in my ear* OHHHHH YES.
(Basses from here on are J[ewfro] and F)
All: POLO!
F: Hey, Jesse, high five!
S: Hey, Jesse, your hair fucking sucks!
(etc. Later)
F: Marco!
J: Hey Max, high five, high five!
F: *splashes**hits me in jaw* Oh, shit!
S: Ow...shit.
F: You okay?
S: Ow. Shit. Yeah. Anyway. *1, 2, 3, 4, 5* Marco!
A: *puts hands on my head*
S: *grabs hands* OH!
A: Fine. *1, 2, 3, 4, 5* Marco!
All: Polo!
A: *lunges right for Max/F*
S: *snort*
J: Marco!
F: Hey Jesse, high five, high five!
J: You know what, Max? You know what Max? *chases Max around pool*
S: *yelling after them* I WISH I COULD QUIT YOU!!!
J: *high fives me*

It was amazing. Yay. And the performance was excellent. I can't wait to get to the CD.

Hehe my dad was crying at the last chord...

tehe, so was I.
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