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So, I was watching To Have and Have Not again because I love movies like that (all film noir, Bogart/Bacall, steamy cigarette-flirting and dip-kissing, call me a sucker. Oh, and Lauren Bacall is female character pwnage). Anyway, I noticed a striking similarity between Dan Seymour and Jack Abramoff.

'S all I'm saying.

"You know you don't have to act with me, Steve. You don't have to say anything, and you don't have to do anything. Not a thing. Oh, maybe just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and... blow."

Yay intentional innuendo! It actually says on the back of the DVD, "Full of intrigue and racy banter (certain whistling instructions)..." blah blah blah.

Also, I'm going to randomly start asking people "Say, was you ever bit by a dead bee?" and if they don't say "Was you?" I will be sad.
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My grandmother is here for the honors concert. She asked how it was going. All I could think of was Andy's quote on it:

"Actually, we're really going to suck."


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Today's QC is very squee-worthy. W00t.

A friend who has my eternal undying love for making this userpic, um, made this userpic.

Sick. Yech. But, ensemble was canceled anyway.

Took a "how innocent are you" quiz. Scored a 4 out of 60, 60 being "not innocent at all." Because it had no questions about smut or dirty thoughts. Only dirty actions. I hate my life.
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All-state music and analyses of my coming outs

Agh. I have one piece memorized and could fake most of the others, but I haven't taken a stab at the SSA piece, due to the lack of S2 accompaniment on the crappy little CD and my own laziness. Also, don't care about numbering.

Also, "Leia" (crazygeekgirl) wrote an analysis on my very artful coming-out to her and a couple of others. It was sort of like this:

ME: "Although I wasn't seated well for Ava Gaudet's audience-mooning, because she mooned the other side. Which was a shame; she was hot."
LEIA: "Okay, didn't need to hear that."
ME: "I'm bi, by the way."

And they seemed to really like that. Whatever.

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i hate valentines day so much i don't feel much like using the shift key.

well, there's the thing where everyone hates me. since forever. every valentines day it's the same. let's all make fun of sarah. she's ugly. she's a bitch. i hate her. she's probably a lesbian. and her boobs are huge. and now it's singles awareness day, let's make fun of her. and they did. forever, and now it's worse because everyone's all horny and shit. and this whole iflurtz stupid. everyone. did. it. and its so annoying. on top of all the awfulness. but w/e, i digress. the point is, i'm sick of it. and what's more, my grandma came and she's already after me.

and, knowing that this would all come to pass, and more, i let off waaaay too much steam at rehearsal. like, as in, there was ass-slapping. a lot of it. and i had a feeling i'd overdone it, confirmed by my very dear friend, who used the word "orgy" somewhere in her tirade. and it made me miserable, because i don't want to rant about all my issues to her and make excuses. but w/e. i have to go pretend i memorized my honors music now.
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A conversation

Which took place at County rehearsal Tuesday night. Involved are two tenors and a bass. Bass will be A, tenors will be B and C. Conveniently, those are their initials.

So we're talking and eventually we get to the part about how our entire soprano section really sucks. ("They slide like kids on a playground, and they fear high notes.")
And I said, "well, psssh, altos are of course infinitely superior."
A: "Of course. Power to the lower parts. Except that basses are really the sopranos of men..."
C: "How'dyou figure?"
A: "Well, if it's between us and you for the melody, we get the melody and you get the awesome harmony."
C: "Pssh, we get, like, middle C over and over again."
Me: "Well, it's like that for altos too, either we get the coolest part by far in the song or, like, C C D C B C C."
A: "Well, that's true."
Me: "But my soprano friends are all 'oooooh tenors' while an alto is more likely to go for basses."
A: "Because we're hotter."
Me: "Naturally. I mean, don't flatter yourself."
C: "Your soprano friends like tenors? Wait, where are these girls?"
Me: "They'd scare the living fuck out of you. Plus, what about your girlfriend?"
A: "Anyway."
Me: "Well, the thing about tenors for altos is that we can sing in your octave most of the time."
B, or possibly C, or both: "Oh, God, that shit is high."
Me and A, close to simultaneously: "Ha ha, sucks to be you."
C: "But for guys, it's sort of, everyone just goes for everyone."
Random bass from other school: "Well, both guy parts will go for sopranos, because they're usually just more beautiful women."
Me: "Careful...careful..."
Random bass: "Well, uh, I mean, uh, no offense to, uh, well..."
Me: "My hottie soprano friends and I will wait for you to gracefully finish this sentence."
A: "Anyway."
C: "Well, sopranos make better girlfriends, but altos make better, like, friend friends."
Me: "Because we have more personality."
A: "Yeah."

Then we started discussing what it sucks to be most, alto, tenor or bass. A is full of bass pride and I'm full of alto pride but C and B hate tenor. Turns out tenors think alto's coolest, bass thinks alto is superior to soprano but bass is the best, and alto thinks alto is the best. Unless they don't.

C: "Well, sopranos think that they're the shit."
Me: "Secretly, so do altos. But we know nobody cares about us, so we keep it on the downlow."

Then later A and I were discussing how we should have rehearsals like the All-County ones for regular chorus. "Only," Andy says, "without the stupid people."
Me: "Yeah, exactly. We'd have four basses, two tenors, like, six altos and no sopranos, and it would be FUCKING AWESOME."

An ATB choir is long overdue anyway.
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My speakers are back.


Saw To Have and Have Not last night. Was up all night trying to whistle; also to emulate that thing Lauren Bacall did with her shoulders and her hips and to a lesser extent her ass. It was annoying.

Hate school.

Got nagged by my mother into getting new black skirt for memorial service. Found gorgeous one at Mustardseed.

Have boring life.
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